The virtues of responsible leadership are under assault. All around the world, heads of nations, businesses, social groups, communities and families are facing diverse threats, spurred by rising inequality, migration and climate crises, and compounded by global extremism and weakened state institutions. In such an environment, it has become all too easy for leaders to choose the easy route of temporary answers, even if these solve nothing at all.

At the Centre for Responsible Leadership, we want to foster a new atmosphere for finding solutions. We hold that responsible leaders make decisions in the best interests of the future and not only the present; out of conviction and not convenience; and that are constructive and not destructive. These principles may seem more difficult when dealing with life’s challenges, but fulfilling them is the only way to rebuild trust between people and the public and private institutions that seek to serve them, and to construct strategies for the betterment of everyone on this planet.

In the West and East, North and South, in developed and developing countries, unprecedented transparency through social media and the decline of old “establishment” models of leadership are driving the hunger for a new foundation for how governments and businesses, religions and community groups set an example of direction and purpose.

This is the Centre for Responsible Leadership’s mission. We aim to reward responsible leaders whose strategies will bear fruit long after their tenures or lifetimes; to encourage leaders to reject cynicism and unite, not divide. And we want to shape the next generation of leaders to be more accountable, more constructive, more far-thinking – in short, more responsible.

Through our educational and mentoring efforts, the Centre will build awareness through schools and universities of the tenets of responsible leadership. Through our international mentoring programs, we will ensure that the community of leadership pioneers and standard-bearers passes down the systems of behavior that guide any responsible and successful leadership process to the point where it becomes a part of our DNA. And through our advocacy and determination to bring together the leaders of today and tomorrow, the Centre seeks to find sustainable solutions to global problems that are ethical and enduring.