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The Centre for Responsible Leadership envisions a world where leaders across all sectors and levels of society reflect deeply on the principles and process of responsible leadership, seeking always to follow their convictions while seeding a constructive future for the world as a whole.

At the Centre for Responsible Leadership, we are committed to fostering a non-partisan, inclusive, and collaborative leadership community. We believe that creating a platform where leaders can step beyond disagreements on issues and engage in self-reflective conversation about the nature of leadership itself allows for a wider view of the complex problems we are facing together.

We see leaders already working from that wider view to formulate enduring, visionary solutions to the crucial issues of our time. They act out of conviction, not convenience. They are constructive and never destructive. We seek to honor these leaders, highlight their work, and invite others to work with the same spirit to lead the way forward on the issues they face within their own sphere of influence.

Old, “establishment” models of leadership are declining. The unprecedented transparency provided by social media reveals they are inadequate to meet the needs of our current reality. Across the world, in developed and developing countries, a hunger for a new leadership paradigm has taken hold. Responsible leadership can feed this need for governments, businesses, religions, and community groups to provide collective direction and purpose.

Our Mission

The Centre for Responsible Leadership’s three-fold mission is:

  • To shape the next generation of leaders to be more accountable, constructive, and far-thinking – in short, more responsible.
  • To encourage leaders to reject cynicism and unite, not divide; and
  • To reward responsible leaders whose strategies will bear fruit long after their tenures or lifetimes.

Our Method

Through our advocacy and programming we will bring together the leaders of today and tomorrow, seeking to discern sustainable, ethical, innovative, and enduring solutions to global problems.

Through our educational and mentoring efforts at schools and universities, the Centre will build awareness of the tenets of responsible leadership.

Through our international mentoring programs, we will imprint responsible leadership deep in our collective, global leadership DNA. Our growing community of leadership pioneers and standard-bearers will pass down the systems of behavior that guide a responsible leadership process to the next generation.