An initiative dedicated to assembling global thought leaders to find sustainable solutions to the major challenges plaguing our world today

About The Responsible Leaders Summit 


The Centre for Responsible Leadership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assembling global thought leaders to find concrete solutions to the major challenges plaguing our world today.

We seek to foster a new atmosphere for finding solutions at the United Nations annually, while also hosting additional events throughout North America and Europe. 

Are you a responsible leader?

Are your decisions:

Based on the future or the present?

Made out of conviction or convenience?

Constructive or destructive?


Responsible leaders make decisions in the best interests of the future and not only the present, injecting the question of sustainability into all that they do. 


Responsible leaders need to act with conviction and not out of convenience. In a complex and overly politicized world, leaders must be able to make the right decision, even if it is the difficult one.


Real responsible leadership is constructive not destructive, elevating the surrounding people, places and communities. It is our goal to build a new world without destroying the old. 

HE Dr. Mohammad Abdulkarim Al-Issa

Secretary General,

The Muslim World League


Responsible Leaders Summit

 Dr. Al-Issa has held many prestigious public offices. 

He worked as a judge in the Ministry of Justice until he reached the highest rank of Chief Appellate Judge.  He was then appointed Vice-President of the Court of Grievances, during which time he also worked as an acting Advisor at the Royal Court.


His Excellency was appointed Minister of Justice in 2009 and a royal decree was issued, appointing him to serve as an Advisor at the Royal Court. Dr. Al-Issa has since travelled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, meeting with dignitaries and parliamentarians from the fields of justice, law and human rights.   


He currently supervises the Intellectual Warfare Center, an international center affiliated with the Ministry of Defense in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dedicated to combatting extremist and terrorist ideology. 

Bawa Jain

Secretary General,

The World Council of Religious Leaders

Secretary General,

Responsible Leaders Summit

Founder and President,

The Centre for Responsible Leadership

Bawa Jain is a visionary leader in the interfaith movement and a pioneer of religious diplomacy. After working closely on the Millennium World Peace Summit with the office of the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Jain committed his life to finding ways that the worldwide religious and spiritual communities can work together as interfaith allies with the United Nations on specific peace, poverty and environmental initiatives.
Mr. Jain traveled extensively for two years on behalf of the creation of The World Council of Religious Leaders, a direct outcome of the Millennium World Peace Summit. 
Inaugural Responsible Leaders Summit 

May 1, 2019, New York

Summit Gala and Awards 

May 1, 2019, New York

Awards will be presented for Outstanding Leadership in Business Innovation, Exemplary Statesmanship in Interfaith Relations, Engaged Leadership, and Outstanding Global Leadership for Justice.


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